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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. i'm diane dwyer. we begin tonight with developing news. an intense manhunt is under way in the central valley. police are urging people to stay indoors and keep their doors locked. they're searching for a person who stabbed an 8-year-old girl in her home last night. this is happening in valley springs, 30 miles east of stockton. our sister station has the latest. >> reporter: we're now learning investigators processing this scene have collected fingerprints as well as what appears to be dna evidence. we're standing about half a mile away from the scene. you can see a lot of different agencies gathered there.
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this while a search for a little girl's killer continues. one day after the county coroner's office say 8-year-old layla fowler was stabbed multiple times, law enforcement agencies from across the region have sedeskrended on valley springs z springs. >> we collected what we believe to be dna. the prints and dna will hopefully be processed within the next week. >> reporter: deputies say the 8-year-old was home alone with her brother. after the man left, the boy says he went to check on his sister, discovering a gruesome site. deputies say a man was seen leaving the home on foot. >> we're searching near heart vixen, ripen, bartalink. the search has expanded beyond that. we're following up on tips and leads. we have received tips and leads
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from outside the county. >> reporter: deputies have not named a suspect. they say they don't have a person or persons of interest. one parent asked if he should be concerned about sending his child to school tomorrow. >> we have plans in place so that if we are not able to solve this case we're able to protect the kids and the schools to the best extent possible. >> reporter: that plan includes an increased officer presence at schools as well as bus stops. but so many people we've spoken with in this community tell us it's going to take a lot to put them at ease right now. >> again, that was mallory hoff reporting. new information coming out tonight about the boston bombing suspects. congress wants to know did they have help? chairman of the house homeland security committee said today the fbi is investigating whether the brothers got training that helped them carry out that attack. we're also learning russian authorities secretly recorded several suspicious phone conversations of the suspect's mother. in 2011 she talked to one of her sons about jihad. she also talked to someone in russia who was under investigation by the fbi in an unrelated case. experts say that tif the convers
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had been revealed earlier it might have led the fbi to do a more thorough investigation of the family. nbc's michelle franzen has more on what's coming to light about the suspects and their mother. >> reporter: investigators say they are still looking into all possibilities in the boston bombing case, including tracking possible leads on the two bombing suspects here at home and overseas. authorities confirm the brothers' mother was placed on a u.s. government terrorism database 18 months before the bombing because of her son tamerlan. the list consists of hundreds of thousands of names. but being added to the list doesn't mean proof of terrorist activity. a u.s. official tells nbc news russian authorities passed along information to the cia stating both tamerlan and his mother were showing signs of increasing radicalization. >> they are already talking about that we are terrorists. i am terrorist. >> reporter: accusations the mother denies. meanwhile, nbc news has learned
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that although early accounts focused largely on the stolen suv, investigators are also focusing on a second vehicle. a green honda used by the bombing suspects on the day of the manhunt and fatal shoots of mit officer sean collier in cambridge. in an aft, federal authorities say the suspects carjacked a vehicle. police say a mercedes suv following the shooting when they were riding together during the chase that ended in watertown. but in photos obtained by nbc news and eyewitness accounts, a green honda was also spotted at the scene in watertown along with the black suv. in copley square saturday, bombing survivor leanne yawny was recently released from the hospital and didn't let her leg injury keep her from visiting the makeshift memorial. >> it's amazing. i appreciate it so much. i feel like i could speak for a lot of the victims how much we truly appreciate all this support. >> reporter: michelle franzen
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for nbc bay area news. [ bells tolling ] boston's historic old south church held its first sunday service since the bombings there last week. it's located less than a block from the finish line. today people from the church walked to the site of the bombings for an outside service as well. the minister said hundreds of athletes who ran in the marathon are regular members of his church. >> we wanted to just reclaim the finish line. and we did take a moment to toll our tower bell, once for each of the dead. just a moment of memory. >> there are still 27 victims recovering in boston area hospitals. the apparent use of chemical weapons by syria is leading to some soul searching in washington. the united states has warned of serious consequences. although now there's a debate over what those consequences should be. brian mooar has the story from washington. >> reporter: the brutality in syria reached a dangerous new level this past week with evidence of the use of chemical
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weapons. it's a development that threatens to drag the united states into the fight. >> the greatest risk is a failed state with chemical weapons falling in the hands of radical islamists and they're pouring into syria. >> reporter: while evidence shows saren gas was used it's not clear if it was the assad regime that did it. if it was -- >> that's a red line for us. and that there would be enormous consequences. >> reporter: and then what? >> once it's announced as a red line, if we don't take it seriously we are discrediting ourselves not just in syria, but iran, north korea, around the world. >> reporter: the president's supporters say he's pressing other world leaders. >> figuring out what we can do surgically that will get the result we want without making the problem even worse. >> reporter: weapons of mass destruction. battlefields with no clear lines. and an escalating humanitarian crisis. some hear the echoes of iraq. that's something no one in washington wants. >> the worst thing the american people -- the united states could do right now is put boots
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on the ground in syria. >> reporter: for now, though, there's no clear consensus on what america should do if syria crossed the line. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> police in gill roy are investigating an attempted murder tonight that happened during a fight last night as a party. officers were called to a home on farrell avenue about 8:00 last night in the northern part of gilroy. investigators say someone fired shots during the fight. no one was hit, but several people were hurt including one person who was stabbed. that person is expected to survive. police say the fight was gang related, but so far have not made any arrests. police in the east bay released a sketch this weekend of the man they say tried to kidnap a 2-year-old girl from her front yard. pittsburgh police say the man is believed to be in his 30s, 5'9", 150 pounds with dirty blond hair. they say he has no relation to the girl and is not known in the neighborhood either. the little girl was playing with her mother in the front yard of
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their home on stoke lake way friday afternoon when the man reportedly walked up, grabbed the girl and then took off on foot. the mother started yelling and the man apparently dropped the toddler and ran away. police say the girl was scared but not physically hurt. let's turn to weather right now. it's expected to be the warmest week of the year. temperatures are up. so is the fire danger. rob tracking it from the weather center. >> we've been watching the temperatures rising today. we did get to 90 degrees in parts of the bay area. still very close to 90 right now as you see some of the temperatures around the bay area. 90 in livermore. ten to 15 degrees of warming today. typically we don't talk about fire danger, but we typically don't have a spring as dry as the one we have right now. going back to february, most of the bay area seeing about 20% or less of its average rainfall. in fact, the last time we had a quarter inch of rain was more than three weeks ago. already fire activity is up 45% statewide through march. and now we're going to see warming temperatures coupled
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with some dry north winds. this is going to start to take shape as we approach the middle part oe week. humidity levs dropping into the teens. it's not out of the question we could see some fire weather watches or perhaps even red flag warnings in some of the hills of the north bay. that's one component to our weather story. the other, temperatures climbing into the mid-90s in a few spots. we'll show you just when we expect the hottest weather to arrive in your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, rob. coming up next at 5:00, bookings are now open for your flight to mars. we'll introduce you to the man who says he can make it possible to land on the red planet. also, like father like son. a familiar name has been invited to 49ers rookie camp. looks like his dad. we'll tell you whose kid is trying to earn a contract.
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a problem with the spare tire has prompted the recall of nearly 125,000 nissan altimas. the spare tire can be over or underinflated in the 2013 models. nissan reports there are no accidents or injuries related to the issue so far. the automaker blames the problem on a malfunctioning pressure regulator at a plant which has been fixed. owners are supposed to be notified starting this week and dealers say they will inspect and adjust the tire pressure free of charge. lots of south bay folks waiting for the results. japan conducted its first test flight of the boeing 787
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dreamliner today. that comes after batteries aboard two 787s failed in incidents in january. the cause of the incidents still unclear. since then boeing has developed a revamped version of the battery system. the changes approved by the faa and japanese authorities. they're being installed on all 50 of the gredreamliners in sere around the world. san jose expects to bring in about $77 million per year as a result of all the people flying between san jose and japan in that new jetliner. coming up at 5:00, the son of a 49ers legend hoping to go into the family business. we'll let you know who the team invited for a tryout. he may be the most famous athlete of all time. he's no longer one of the most famous bachelors. we'll show you who it is.
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if your travel plans include a trip to mars, you can punch your ticket to the red planet. recruitment is under way for the mars one project which aims to establish the first human settlements on mars by 2023. applicants are being accepted from countries all over our planet. the mars one co-founder and chief executive officer was in shanghai to talk about the project. he says for now this is a one-way trip. >> it is really my dream, my ambition to take humans to mars. this is just the only way. and if a return mission becomes available, then i think we will also implement it for people who
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want to. >> that's a big if. >> yeah, it is. >> he went on to say he believes it could take up to 30 years before they'll be able to fly someone back to planet earth. >> that's something you really need to consider before you hop on that plane. >> yeah. >> rocket. it was a gorgeous day. a hard day today to leave this lovely planet. >> absolutely. we had almost every type of climate you could want. 60s on the coast with some sunshine. cool conditions. 90s inland. let's take you outside right now, give you a sample of the microclimates around the bay area right now. san francisco, free of the low clouds. high clouds going by there. nice sunshine. south bay, same story. san jose, nothing but sunshine right now. it's not too breezy. we're seeing temperatures warming most places into the 80s inland. as you just saw, san francisco into the 60s. current temperatures around trivalley still a little toasty. stay in the 80s i think through
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the evening. ans t there towards dining pleasantton. 85 in santa rosa. all locations today really warming up compared to this time yesterday. at least 12 degrees warmer. 15 degrees warmer in santa rosa. we'll probably add another five degrees of warming to tomorrow's temperatures. the winds will be the story a little bit later this week. right now we still have a little sea breeze getting into the inner bay. winds going to start to dry things out. that's what's going to bring 70s and 80s to the coast as we head towards wednesday. satellite view, free of the fog. we talked about this yesterday. northwest winds come down the coast and clear things out. a more sunny day along the coast toward santa cruz this afternoon. we'll continue to see mostly sunny skies with high pressure. main play in our weather, needless to say the storm track has been off to the north the last three weeks. not dropping south any time soon. just watching the wind direction over the next few days. northwest winds into tomorrow along the coast which will limit
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the warming around san francisco and the inner bay. we should see mostly 70s around the inner bay. inland spots having a chance to hit some low 90s. interesting weather tuesday and wednesday. we're going to see north winds starting to crank up. inland temperatures may actually briefly drop a little bit into the mid and upper 80s. out towards the coast and around san francisco, we'll see those highs in the 70s and mid-80s. even around the inner bay as we head towards the middle part of the week. future cast sinking into tomorrow morning. not much in the way of low clouds. skies have really cleared out. northwest winds keeping low clouds to a minimum. overnight temperatures actually looking fairly mild. in the mid to upper 50s overnight. later this week, low temperatures may be in the 60s in parts of the bay area. those temperatures continue to warm on up. 86 degrees tomorrow in san jose. a few more degrees to the afternoon highs. low 90s out near the trivalley. upper 80s towards fair field. upper 60s to low 70s in san francisco. peninsula temperatures at their
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hottest wednesday and thursday. see some of that warming for the coast. kind of the opposite of what we're going to see inland. winds pick up tuesday and wednesday, temperatures inland drop a little. the coast mid-70s and 80s. hottest days of the week thursday and friday. mid-90s possible for the second half of the week. for the coast, 70s and 80s. overall these are temperatures most people can enjoy. again, we talked about those very low spring rainfall totals. fire danger unusually high this time of year. >> may is on the way. a long way to go. >> very true. >> thanks a lot. wedding bells rang for former nba star michael jordan saturday as he married his long time girlfriend in an afternoon ceremony in palm beach. fans lined the sidewalk near the bethesda by the see episcopal church. jordan tied the knot in front of about 500 guests. listen to this.
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we're told thousands of people were invited for the reception. this is jordan's second marriage. they have not released wedding photos just yet. we do have other photos of the couple on our website, you're one of the people who was invited but refused to go -- >> because he had to work here. >> of comcast sports net. >> that is correct. you got to do what you got to do, guys. giants and a's trying to snap out of their respective funks. spoiler alert. one did, one didn't. we'll show it to you. warriors hitting the floor for game four against denver. a little more than an hour from now. live preview of all the festivities coming up. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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scott reiss back in the comcast sports net newsroom. pun it dits gave the warriors little chance to win a playoff series. when david lee went down they gave them no chance. the dubs decided we're going to go ahead and play the games anyway. here they are with an opportunity to go up 3-1 on denver. henry willford live in oracle with a game four preview. hank, what's going on? >> reporter: well, scott, when it came to the pundits dealing with this series, they didn't have a clue what they were talking about. because the golden state warriors is a team with -- they're going to continue to fight no matter what anyone says. this team is on a roll after two consecutive wins. they look to go up three games to one tonight. things are getting testy on the court. andrew b andrew bogut not seeing eye to eye with a couple of guys on the team. >> it's nothing personal. they're physical. we just got to match their intensity. if it gets personal during
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games, guys want to have a crack at you, that's kind of playoff basketball. i'm not saying i hate mcgehee or faried. if they're going to be physical we're going to be physical back. >> all of us rally around one another. we're not going to leave anybody out there on an island. if something happens we're going to be right there to have each other's back. you know, it's just typical in the playoffs. when you've seen somebody for three games and the fourth on sunday in such a short span of time, it's going to start to be a little chippy, you know what i mean? that's just the competitive nature of it from both teams. we don't shy away from it. we welcome it. >> i'm not going out there to hurt anybody. i'm just playing physical like they are. someone steps up and wants to get into it, at the same time, it's a basketball game. it's about how many baskets we stop and how many we put in our hoop.
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be physical. make sure when i'm on the floor, they know i'm out there. >> reporter: yesterday andrew bogut admitted that he's absolutely angry right now. he said he's angry because he's injured his ankle so many times this season. and now he's taking his frustration out on the denver nuggets. he says if the series is over and guys are walking up to you saying great job and they want to shake your hand, he said obviously he's been too nice of a guy. he wants to be a mean guy who wins a championship. reporting from oracle arena, henry wofford, nbc bay area. all right, henry. matinee baseball in oakland. first day back off the disabled list. he hits a game tying two-run home run in the bottom of the ninth. 8-8, a's and orioles. extra innings. that sets the stage for a little dance and a little drama. cocoa with two aboard lays down the bunt, throw, toward lafayette. eric soguard, get up!
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he does, he scores. a's win in most dramatic fashion. they needed this after dropping eight of the last nine. 9-8 the final. couple more quick notes. giants lose again in san diego, 6-4. they have lost five in a row. quarterback nate montana, yes, montana, son of joe montana, will take part in the 49ers' three-day rookie mini camp coming up in may. he was not selected in the nfl draft this week. getting back to the whole m.j. wedding thing, i'm told his tastes are kind of expensive. if i was invited means i got to buy a gift. if y'all want to chip in i'll put your name on the card. >> not even worth it. let's not even go. >> thanks, scott. we'll be right back.
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we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members. we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care. and j.d. power and associates ranked us highest in member satisfaction among health plans in california. we're focusing on the big things so you can enjoy the little things. kaiser permanente. thrive. president obama tried his hand at stand-up comedy this weekend in front of hundreds of journalists and celebrities.
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>> it's the annual white house correspondents dinner. the president had the audience laughs as he told a lot of jokes. started with one about himself and the changes he has undergone since taking office. >> these days i look in the mirror and i have to admit, i'm not the strapping young muslim socialist that i used to be. i recognize that this job can take a toll on you. i understand second term, you need a burst of new energy. try some new things. and then my team and i talked about it, we were willing to try anything, so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. >> that is horrifying. >> check this out. mr. obama also told the press he had plans to put a sign next to the new bush library. one that says "his fault." all right. thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. "nbc nightly news" is next and more local news at 6:00. >> including why the sequester could mean possible terrorism
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targets will be at risk including the golden gate bridge. we'll have that at 6:00. good night. on this sunday night -- turning up the heat. as the brutal war in syria rages on, mounting pressure on the president to take stronger action against the syrian regime. the investigation. new questions about the boston bombing suspect's overseas training and whether they acted alone. out of nowhere. a fast-moving storm leads to flash flooding and fntic calls for help by those trapped in high waters. music to their ears. how itunes has changed the way we consume and experience popular culture ten years, billions of downloads and dollars later. and, best friends. both in need. a boy and his dog, an unbreakable bond. and what brought them together.


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